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Your bandmates don’t have to be one of the best avid gamers on the earth. But I trust that his guitar gambling modified considerably in the early Seventies as a result of making a song and songwriting became more crucial to him, and Robert Johnson had a lot to do with that. Clapton was so Read More

Jimmy Rogers, who played in Muddy’s band, used to laugh and joke about what Wolf had to say about Muddy and what Muddy would say back. But all of them talked bad about one another, calling everybody “motherfucker. ” That was their thing. And when Wolf said, “Motherfucker, which you could’t play,” what he was Read More

Tribute acts will claim that they are simply harking back to the comprehensive originals that experience encouraged the tens of millions of people everywhere. In rock and dad ensembles, usually called rock bands or pop bands, there are usually guitars and keyboards (piano, electric piano, Hammond organ, synthesizer, etc. ), one or more singers, and Read More

It’s been a hot minute since local rock fans have had an opportunity to catch Music Band around town. But if you’ve been lacking the deceptively tight, Garfield the Cat-lovin’ trio, here’s some unbelievable news. They’re a fucking piece of the mountain coming down behind you, and also you can’t do anything else about it. Read More