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But once the special occasion came, we were all blown away by their performance. My mother in law obtained heaps of compliments from her pals and he or she had a large number of fun dancing too. We highly put forward having Matt as your Day of Coordinator as he was the perfect point person Read More

You can hear how good he is at both on Eric Clapton, the album he made with them, in addition to his change in tone from Gibson-dirty to Stratocaster-clean. I’ve never said greater than an off-the-cuff hello to Eric, so none of here’s inside tips. For Dark Side of the Moon to be playing in Read More

They played basic blues mixed with their very own unique brand of rock & roll, and there has been not anything but strength in that group. Everything you wanted was right there, touchable to me, in that voice — even if Wolf wasn’t singing. There was a synchronicity among the Dead and the group, and Read More

As you looked deeper into their music, every little thing you discover leads to anything appealing. Pink Floyd were always a set of serious artistic minds who did whatever the fuck they wanted and didn’t worry about all of the little rules. Students won’t miss any band feature unless it’s a “once in an entire Read More

I heard a rumor that Wolf and Muddy didn’t get along — I never saw that. Jimmy Rogers, who played in Muddy’s band, used to laugh and joke about what Wolf had to say about Muddy and what Muddy would say back. But them all talked bad about one another, calling each person “motherfucker. ” Read More