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Find more information in regards to the Golden Buffalo Marching Band. Through Band of Angels donors’ generosity, 1,600 instruments and counting were donated to students who couldn’t in a different way adventure the thrill of joining their schools’ band or orchestra, less attended summer music camp. In so many cases, a toddler’s family doesn’t have Read More

Two-member rock and pop bands are pretty rare, as a result of the issue in providing all of the musical aspects which are part of the rock or pop sound (vocals, chordal accompaniment, bass lines, and percussion or drumming). Two-member rock and dad bands typically omit one of these musical features. In many cases, two-member Read More

Think of these 50 titles as a time capsule, ready to be opened today, next year, or a long time from now. “The Sri Lankan Military Band” combines with Sri Lanka Army Band, Navy Band and the Air force Band which was established based on the Army seniority in 1949, 1952 and 1970. The Be Read More

All of the bands in this list are stunning but I think Queen is a bit better. All the band contributors were so different but they all went in combination. Queen always has music to provide for every one of your moods and they never disappoint. I can’t recall to mind one song of theirs Read More