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U2 continually has the highest grossing and largest sold out arena world tours each time the put out an album. Their zooropa tour in the 90’s was huge and was the third biggest behind the rolling stones just according to gross receipts. It’s astounding how one band could take all those influences — country and Read More

The group, led by frontman Julian Casablancas and guitarist Albert Hammond Jr, single-handedly made rock music hip again after dance and manufactured pop dominated the charts in the years automatically following Britpop. The group’s debut Is This It marked one of the most significantly acclaimed albums of its time and the band’s ineffable cool endures Read More

They played basic blues mixed with their very own unique brand of rock & roll, and there has been not anything but strength in that group. Everything you wanted was right there, touchable to me, in that voice — even if Wolf wasn’t singing. There was a synchronicity among the Dead and the group, and Read More

Despite a tumultuous life and inspiring a variety of controversy, Sinatra’s have an effect on can still be seen today in artists like Michael Buble. Whether it’s a hovering soprano or distinctive baritone, a superb voice is the cornerstone of serious music. When paired with excellent compositions and expert instrumentation, an iconic voice helps create Read More

Thanks for helping Beach Music and the bands that play the music. The Maryland Community Band is open to all certified adult wind and percussion players and draws its club from campus school and staff, alumni, school music academics and adults from the surrounding communities. This band provides a chance for musicians from various musical Read More