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In an alternative episode, “Covercraft,” Homer and a few other characters form a band that covers the fictitious 1980s band Sungazer, with Apu as the lead singer, but if the genuine band’s lead singer dies, the ultimate Sungazer musicians make Apu their singer. Rock Star starring Mark Wahlberg who had a small group that plays Read More

A band strongly means that the members play devices, aside from just making a song and dancing. Musical ensembles operating with many precise ‘genres’ are commonly called bands even in mainstream parlance. For instance, this graph shows that Jazz Band is way more common than Jazz Group. A stunning number sell out major venues in Read More

His songs weren’t as political as Marvin Gaye and Donny Hathaway. But if those guys were speaking to you, Al Green was communicating for you. Oscar Wilde said that an artist has succeeded if people don’t take into account his work but they still find it irresistible. Songs like “You Enjoy Myself” and “Split Open Read More

I heard a rumor that Wolf and Muddy didn’t get along — I never saw that. Jimmy Rogers, who played in Muddy’s band, used to laugh and joke about what Wolf had to say about Muddy and what Muddy would say back. But them all talked bad about one another, calling each person “motherfucker. ” Read More