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Some tribute bands are strictly local in nature, gambling few performances for small crowds making little money. However, other tribute bands achieve both national and overseas achievement. As the name indicates, some tribute musicians love the original band. Students carry out music literature of grade levels V and VI. Students perform concert events at school, Read More

My daughter really excelled in the category and was very keen to continue her piano stories with Merriam. As she progressed, we switched to private classes at which she is having fun with just as much. We do it each day (except Friday – everyone needs one day off) as soon as she comes home Read More

An example of a six-member rock band is Toto with a lead vocalist, guitarist, bassist, two keyboard players, and drummer. He commanded both the rhythm section and melodies in the band. Stewart Copeland is a superb drummer — you ought to be to give songs like “Roxanne” and “So Lonely” their drive and likewise throw Read More

Albert Maysles, David Maysles, and Charlotte Zwerin followed the Rolling Stones across an America that was descending into violence in 1969, and that they filmed the surreal spectacle that surrounded a band of wealthy musicians who loved the music of poor folks. It’s the filmmakers’ meditation on how counterculture heroes were encouraged by the madness Read More