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Find more information in regards to the Golden Buffalo Marching Band. Through Band of Angels donors’ generosity, 1,600 instruments and counting were donated to students who couldn’t in a different way adventure the thrill of joining their schools’ band or orchestra, less attended summer music camp. In so many cases, a toddler’s family doesn’t have Read More

Radiohead conveys emotions you had no idea existed, do things you had no idea could be done, and may make anything and everything work with their genius talent. In A Moon Shaped-Pool, you can’t even tell that the members of the band are almost 50 years old. They have not lost any skill or talent Read More

Another variant is to have a vocalist, a guitarist and a drummer, an example being Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Another variant is two guitars, a bassist, and a drum computer, examples including Magic Wands and Big Black. A tribute to the bands that have braved the Rock Band Adventure and made it out on any other Read More

) Increasingly, calculated misrepresentations are part of an older band’s repertoire. Once a band name becomes a brand name, there’s a powerful incentive to continue on, even with a lineup that makes fans ask, “Who are these guys?It is not possible to write everything here but almost immediately, I highly recommend Merriam School of Music. Read More

If you are searching for public domain music to play along with your school band, community band or other group, you could find it here–marches, waltzes, rags, theater music, cornet solos, trombone aspects, and a lot more. It’s a amazing testament to the savvy and skill of this era’s greatest R&B idol. Sam Jones’s visually Read More