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Tribute bands make numerous business sense, although they definitely skirt the obstacles of copyright and trademark law. These two legal areas overlap, but still have a lot of alterations. In either case, imitation is the sincerest variety of flattery, but is it infringement? One would think that tribute bands would must seek approval without delay Read More

All-Region Band auditions at the highschool level are the 1st round of auditions toward club in the TMEA All-State Band. The band links below should link directly to the band’s web page schedule page. In many cases, they’ve got NOT frequently been kept contemporary. Traditionally, rock music has been especially customary among more youthful adults Read More

Despite a tumultuous life and encouraging a variety of controversy, Sinatra’s influence can still be seen today in artists like Michael Buble. Whether it’s a soaring soprano or exceptional baritone, an excellent voice is the cornerstone of significant music. When paired with surprising compositions and expert instrumentation, an iconic voice helps create iconic songs. Koppelman Read More