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Many tribute acts are merely overzealous fans badly imitating their heroes, but some can basically make a living. When I got home from holiday, I instantly bought Wish It Would Rain. At that time I was a great deal into folk music and turning the corner into R&B, and I’ll always remember because cover, with Read More

Your contribution to Band of Angels can help you to provide the gift of music which will last a life-time. Visit the Band of Angels website to be informed more about the program and how you may help with monetary or device donations that give a child the possibility to learn music. Throughout the years Read More

I’ve never said greater than an informal hello to Eric, so none of here is inside tips. For Dark Side of the Moon to be gambling in the historical past during that time was ideal. As you looked deeper into their music, every thing you find out results in anything appealing. Pink Floyd were always Read More