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Thanks for supporting Beach Music and the bands that play the music. The Maryland Community Band is open to all qualified adult wind and percussion players and draws its membership from campus faculty and staff, alumni, school music teachers and adults from the encircling communities. This band provides an opportunity for musicians from alternative musical Read More

We’d spend hours and hours at the piano, swapping ideas. The three major functionality rights businesses ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC, negotiate licenses for using copyrighted works and collect fees for the general public functionality of these works. As will be mentioned in additional detail below, BMI and ASCAP deliver what are referred to as “blanket” Read More

Students sign-up in the band office for audition times using their KU ID number. ETA Music is a versatile high-energy band that has been in the commercial of music for 18 years. Nirvana was and still one of the crucial influential bands of all time. They changed the direction of music and shaped the entire Read More