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He was fun to be around, great to play with as a musician. I have never seen an alternative man who can make hardened old waitresses at the Palomino Club in Los Angeles shed tears the manner he did. The next thing we knew we were on the road with these guys, commencing up for Read More

” That was their thing. And when Wolf said, “Motherfucker, that you would be able to’t play,” what he was really saying was, “I’m gonna fire your ass up. If I tell you that you could’t play, then you’re gonna bring it on. ” This is the manner Wolf treated you. This was my chance Read More

Despite a tumultuous life and encouraging a variety of controversy, Sinatra‚Äôs influence can still be seen today in artists like Michael Buble. Whether it’s a soaring soprano or exceptional baritone, an excellent voice is the cornerstone of significant music. When paired with surprising compositions and expert instrumentation, an iconic voice helps create iconic songs. Koppelman Read More