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I can never listen to any Metallica record without deliberating him. It is evident that the gift he gave lives on in that band’s music. It is mind-blowing to observe how they’re able to take anyone of any age or skill level and make a musician of them, all while having a fantastic time. My Read More

I first became aware of them when they were breaking out of Macon, Georgia. They had played Austin and made a huge noise down there. one of only a few bands to keep an analogous lineup for over 40 years. Okay every fan of any kind of rock music (metal and choice covered) should have Read More

It’s natural that when writing songs and studying how to perform them, you’d are looking to do this in front of different people, and have them adore it. And you wouldn’t BE writing songs unless you WANTED to do it . Larger orchestras are called symphony orchestras (see below) or philharmonic orchestras. In Western classical Read More

Most vital, these documentaries (and excellent live performance films, in case you were pondering) contain performances that are as vital to knowing these artists as any in their information. Think of these 50 titles as a time capsule, ready to be opened today, next year, or decades from now. “The Sri Lankan Military Band” combines Read More