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(“Shed a Little Light”). Some people have a hard time with the self-awareness of perfectionism. It’s no twist of fate that the Beatles’ Apple Records signed James Taylor at its inception. I know the “folk music” he should have listened to (I, too, were wand’ring early and late…). I have skilled the thrill of taking Read More

After playing drums in one of the crucial revered bands of the 21st century, Dave Grohl formed Foo Fighters following the death of Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain in 1994 in a bid find a new artistic outlet. The band went on to achieve enormous advertisement fulfillment, releasing their 12th album Concrete and Gold in 2017 and Read More

Their thing was “What do we do with these sounds?” They did things with harmonics — minor thirds and fifths — that created this airy, large sound. Guns n’ Roses are still an instance of how a band can move rock forward. Sometimes you suspect, “How are you able to top anything by the Yardbirds, Read More

The more adventure the musicians have in playing together the better they‘re able to perform. As we have got seen, common acts differ widely in their response to tribute bands. What is not in doubt is the approval for tribute acts with the music listening viewers. Tribute acts will claim that they are simply paying Read More