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Even a few days before, Matt texted me to ask my emotions on a few songs last minute and likewise took my feelings and evaluations with excessive thoughtfulness and care. The ensemble has gave the impression on countrywide tv many times and has performed in numerous NFL football games. The “Golden Buffalo” Marching Band has Read More

Treat your guests to a memorable night of appealing music by bringing in Tuscan Strings to deliver it. Hiring Synergy to provide the dance music means you’ll be experiencing an electric party ambience which will keep guests of every age searching for elbow room on the dance floor. These guys are one of the better Read More

I recall our trio arrangement of “(What a) Wonderful World” with my Paul — we met up at Paul’s condo (of course). Two extraordinary artists were giving me the gift of their vocals and guitar parts for my album, Watermark. It’s natural that when writing songs and learning how to perform them, you’d want to Read More