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From students to experts, performers have a chance to display their abilities to a supportive and enthusiastic audience with an interest in furthering music education. Each band and orchestra convention is unique and gives attendees the most recent music styles and schooling suggestions. What began in 1946 with 120 music administrators meeting for six hours Read More

Money shouldn’t ever stop a baby from pursuing music, so Band of Angels collects used musical instruments and cash donations to acquire devices and put them in the hands of infants who want to study music. All donated gadgets are refurbished and restored to playing situation before they’re given to a baby. Instruments that can’t Read More

On The Stooges and Fun House, while his brother Ron, the guitarist, was gambling these loud bar-chord progressions, Scott was making the band rev and swing. And when I played with Ron for the soundtrack of Velvet Goldmine, the first week was a crash course on how to play Stooges songs. We went via those Read More