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But the band’s openness was a gift to music buffs, who got some perception into how a heavy-metal band with tens of millions of dollars at their disposal spends their time and cash. Amy Winehouse died way too soon, abandoning among the finest albums of the 2000s (Back to Black) and lingering questions on what Read More

But anyone who wants to know who Hendrix was and why he mattered is better off starting here than with any of the biopics about him which have come out lately. Form a band with other musicians your age and learn your favourite songs – all under the assistance of our resident rock and roll Read More

Van Halen emerged from a time of disco and funk to make rock great again. U2 invariably has the maximum grossing and largest sold out arena world tours every time the put out an album. Their zooropa tour in the 90’s was huge and was the third biggest behind the rolling stones just based on Read More

New Yorkers The Strokes were hailed as savours of guitar music after breaking through in the early 00s. The group, led by frontman Julian Casablancas and guitarist Albert Hammond Jr, single-handedly made rock music hip again after dance and manufactured pop dominated the charts in the years immediately following Britpop. The group’s debut Is This Read More

I heard a rumor that Wolf and Muddy didn’t get along — I never saw that. Jimmy Rogers, who played in Muddy’s band, used to laugh and joke about what Wolf had to say about Muddy and what Muddy would say back. But them all talked bad about one another, calling each person “motherfucker. ” Read More